Buying new windows made easy

Dovista consists of a group of leading European brands that focuses on vertical windows and exterior doors. In Sweden Dovista have the brands Svenska Fönster and Mockfjärds.

We came in contact with Dovista when they needed to improve their customer journeys online, with the purpose to get more hot leads to their sales team. Dovista asked us to build a planning tool for Mockfjärds, that could also be scaled and customized for Dovista's other brands.


Insights & Optimisation

Design & UX

Full Stack Development

Quality Assurance

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React, NodeJS

Smart investment with scalability

When initiating the project we made sure to take all parts of the process into consideration. We created an efficient technical solution with scalability where Dovista is able to reuse the same tech to support the other brands within the company.

Window change was never this easy

The aim of this project was to give the customers a good insight to how the products would look and help them with visual decisions. But also make the visitor feel supported and informed throughout their planning process and that would eventually lead them to finish their purchase.

The window planning tool enables an easier way for communication between customers and the Mockfjärds sales force. We needed to display clear call to actions for the customer to simplify the planning and purchase process and also take into consideration that the tool should be built so that an e-commerce solution could be easily added later on.The main target groups were primarily private customers and reality owners who are considering changing windows and doors on their house or buildings.

Summary of the project

What we delivered in the end was a technical pre-study and concept, a KPI framework together with a thorough analysis of the customer journey, a great design and UX for the tool, and of course testing of the prototype carefully in detail.

We used API’s to connect with other business systems and the application is built in React and NodeJS. In our work with design/UX flows and development, we have also considered that a future e-commerce solution should be able to be connected to the tool.

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