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We spent quite some time discussing how we can work more sustainably. And it’s not just about the environment. It’s also about being a sustainable employer and a partner focusing on relationships. We have mapped our business towards the UN's sustainability goals to get clear directions on how to positively impact the world besides our CSR work.

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A partner with a focus
on relationships

Use once and destroy is a motto we seldom use at Bombayworks. Whether it's the products we build or the relationship with our clients - we want it to last for a long time.

Regarding clients, wouldn't it be easier to do the actual assignment and then let them go? Well, maybe. But then, we would never see them flourish the way we want to. There is a reason why we were selected as Årets Byrå 2023 within Digital Transformation. For several years, our clients have given us top ratings in how we evaluate our partnerships.

For us, the value lies in long-term partnerships, and we view every client engagement as a long-term trust. We work to build sustainable relationships and, with that, sustainable products and services.

An inclusive and
sustainable employer

One part of Bombaywork's sustainable work is to work hard to have an inclusive environment. We focus on creating an open workplace culture centred on employee development and well-being. We prioritise mental health and career development and promote learning. Our managers support personal growth, and we focus on diversity and inclusion.

Our monthly check-ins are super important to us. The topics can be everything from personal development to frustrating tasks to private struggles.

Sounds great, right? Almost perfect? We are not, rest assured, but we work on it by focusing on what we could do better. For us, this means listening to our employees. We make decisions based on the data we get from recurrent surveys sent out to employees.

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A company with an environmental focus

We all need to utilise the earth’s resources sustainably. You might ask yourself what we can do as a company producing digital services that are pretty eco-friendly in themselves. Well, there is always stuff to do. That goes for us as a digital agency, as well.

We have set specific goals for travel practices. For example, why would we travel at all for internal meetings when we can join the meeting digitally? Yes, for sure, there are occasions when we want to meet in person. But we learned from the Corona pandemic that it’s usually unnecessary. And yes, we avoid flying whenever possible.

We have dived into details regarding waste management and environmentally conscious procurement. We buy local, and we buy eco whenever possible. Even for small purchases! And to all our clients, we offer hosting through our cooperation partner, Cloudnet, which powers their servers with 100% renewable energy.

Veronica von Feilitzen

We've grown exponentially these last couple of years, and we want to give something back via a few carefully selected groups of charities. We work closely with Hand in Hand in India, which provides financial aid and knowledge to women to run their own businesses. And, like many of us, Bombayworks has been impacted by the effects of cancer, and therefore, we support Cancerfonden´s work."

Veronica von Feilitzen, CEO

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Why Cancerfonden?

With every third person getting cancer, most people have experienced the illness first hand. Bombayworks is no exception, with one of our founders passing away much too soon. Our donation is a way of paying respects to those we’ve lost while hopefully improving the lives of others struggling with cancer.
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hand in hand

Why Hand in hand?

We take pride in taking ownership - in projects and in action - as we believe that is how you get the very best results. Hand in Hand is based around the same idea; by providing financial aid and knowledge they help those in need, so that in the end they can help themselves.

We create opportunities in Chitarkoli

We want to
do more

There are many charitable causes and fantastic organisations out there that really work for a more sustainable world. If you want to make the world a better place together with us, we're ready to listen.

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