An interactive collaboration

In the autumn of 2020, Bombayworks started an ambitious project with Paradox Interactive. The mission was clear: conceptualising and creating a state-of-the-art hub that seamlessly integrates services, features and communications from, and other brand websites associated with Paradox Interactive.

Design & development for Paradox Interactive

Bombayworks' mission revolved around providing Paradox Interactive with dedicated design resources. Paradox Interactive's product owner gave our designer tasks and priorities. After completing the design work, our designer then played a supporting role for Paradox Interactive's development team during the system's development phase. The balance between design and development support was orchestrated based on product owner directives while ensuring adherence to a pre-defined budget.

Paradox Interactive


Digital adaptation of identity

Concept and design

Motion design


Web development


Integration to Bank ID


Digital rebranding and harmonisation

With a rapidly growing game portfolio, Paradox Interactive grappled with the challenge of offering individualised profiling for each game while preserving Paradox Interactive's core identity. Our solution? An extensive digital rebranding, combined with a renewed information structure and navigation. This effort, which lasted over six months, led to the successful launch of the company's website, with other components under consideration.

Uniform brand profiling

The core of this project was to construct a scalable framework capable of delivering distinct brand experiences under a common platform. Each gaming brand has its unique charm, but all reside collectively within the Paradox Interactive realm, fused into one cohesive experience. Bombayworks used its experience from working with major brands such as Orkla and Electrolux during the work.
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