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During a long-term collaboration with Norwegian Orkla, we assisted the group as a digital partner with strategy, insights, analysis, design, development, content, localization and support for hundreds of the FMCG group's brands and sites.


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Multisite Wordpress

Before we were tasked with creating a joint solution, Orkla used more than 20 platforms and 30 digital suppliers for more than 200 websites. To ensure quality, cost-effectiveness, security and a common digital expression, we took over all responsibility and developed a common platform – One Orkla Web Platform – and launched over 150 brand pages.

The platform was designed to enable and facilitate the reuse and sharing of features, integrations and knowledge. By consolidating all digital communication into a single platform, we ensured the quality of Orkla's entire digital expression and message. The platform used a common setup for insights, analytics and digital marketing activities. By sharing one cookie disclaimer and following WCAG guidelines throughout the platform we were consistent, and the time to launch new digital initiatives was therefore very short. The platform consisted of a large number of modules - which gave the opportunity for each brand to have its own expression while being able to follow Orkla's digital rules and policies.

Close cooperation – common direction

In our strategic guidance, we worked daily in close collaboration with Orkla IT to take the platform forward. In addition to several webinars and breakfast lectures, we regularly went to Oslo on "Digital Mondays" where lectures and meetings with brands were included.

Our full service delivery of OOWP included strategy, design, development, analysis, content management, SEO optimization and project management.

Unique needs – unique solutions

Some of Orkla's business needs required solutions that were too unique to be interesting for the platform as a whole. We therefore also developed several tailor-made solutions.

Barnas Matboks - or the Childrens food box - is a digital service developed by Bombayworks in collaboration with Orkla Foods Norway (OFN), Servicegrossistene and Albatross. It´s purpose is to promote a healthy lifestyle and diet for children. The service has taken the shape of an inspiring and easily navigated site, made for Norway’s communal as well as private preschools, to make it easier for them to order nutritious, good meals.

– The service has a whole array of functionalities such as menu planning, an overview of budget and orders, nutrition calculations, as well as the opportunity to handle various accounts with different orders to wholesalers.The food is supplied directly to the preschools and may be customized after their specific routines and customs. All this is essential to make it easier for our client, says Caroline Schouenborg, Project Manager at Bombayworks.

Transforming habits and engaging audiences

One of the major challenges that occurs when implementing a new system is to also to implement the system in the target group’s daily routines. Bombayworks took the users’ more or less analog buying habits into consideration when building the site. Concise CX was the primary focus when designing the service. A natural effect has been both goodwill and customer loyalty in terms of goods and concepts.

Plusstid was another one of those sites. Plusstid's focus was on content with the aim of appealing to the majority of Orkla's target groups, with tips and inspiration about house and home, food, health, pregnancy, children, free time and everyday tips. The site was subsequently developed to become more flexible for the editors, and with specific spaces for collaborations with Orkla's various brands.

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