A deepening partnership

It all started with a brand-new website. Quite soon, also new graphical guidelines. And then, we grew quickly into a full-time digital partnership with BoKlok, the house manufacturer run by IKEA and Skanska. Cooperation, built in trust.


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Optimizely CMS


BoKlok’s digitalisation vision was to have easy access to quality data and use analyses to improve efficiency and customer knowledge, decrease resources spent and form a foundation for future products and services. They aimed to be data-driven in their marketing, sales & communication, decision making and product development.

A crucial component in achieving their vision was to have a user-friendly and contemporary website attractive to potential customers. Hence the new website was to be a strategic asset in their sales & marketing ecosystem. Optimizely became the chosen CMS due to its flexibility to add on more markets and for internal resources to be able to edit the website.

With the data that we gain about website visitors and potential customers, we can further improve our customer journey with, e.g. marketing automation. This data is also used in our product development and in our decision-making when starting new projects.

A seamless CRM Integration

When building the new website, BoKlok decided to replace their current CRM system with Microsoft Dynamics, and the CRM needed to be integrated with the new website. In our solution, we fetch the data nightly and by request from the API and store the data on the site in order to get good performance and not be dependent on the CRM. This is done using REST technology. However, the website does not store any consumer data since all interest applications, turn order applications, and cases are sent directly to the CRM via the API.

Digital integration

With the CRM in place, BoKlok wanted to improve their way of presenting the turn order event for new projects. Moving from the current analogue situation, we built a connection between the CRM and the website.

When a customer registers their interest in a specific project on the website, this list will go straight to the CRM system. From the CRM, Boklok can then copy the list when setting up a turn order event page for a specific project on the web, where the turn order numbers are being presented together with the alias digitally.

The solution was a new page type within the existing framework. This ensures the process is more reliable since it is sorted via their CRM system, but it also makes the event easier to access through their web.


Graphical guidelines

BoKlok expressed their need to rethink their graphical guidelines in pursuit of strengthening the brand, as well as updating outdated guidelines and information. The purpose was to create graphical guidelines that were in tune with their desired market position and could be used at every level throughout the organisation.

Our design team, together with a team from Boklok, held workshops in which we sourced areas of the current profile that would benefit from the intended overhaul. Throughout the project, we found several new ideas and applications. The agile process let us restructure the project and consequently allowed us to incorporate many of these without interfering with the intended scope.

The result was a web-based, easily scalable version of BoKloks graphical guidelines. A product that all producers, whether they’re internal or external, could be sure had all the content they would require.

boklok color palett
boklok campaign 1

Sustainability meets innovation

In our continuing cooperation, we have served BoKlok with several campaigns, among them one for the H22 City Expo in Helsingborg. BoKlok supplied two showrooms and wanted to increase their engagement to further highlight BoKlok as a sustainable option for living, as well as an innovative construction company. We helped BoKlok with their communications and graphical expressions for their different initiatives and their presence at the expo as a whole. We created a poppy, funny and more living theme to be used for festive happenings. The campaign was adapted to fit Skånetrafikens monitors on the trains, on social media and around Helsingborg city.

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