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AcadeMedia lacked a proper platform that stored their digital resources, which were thus spread across the web. We built a virtual campus for them.



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AcadeMedia is the largest privately owned educational business in Sweden. They operate throughout the entire educational chain, towards a wide array of audiences ranging from pre-schoolers to senior students.

This results in a large amount of information that needs storing, preferably in one place to make life easier for teachers and students looking for digital resources. Bombayworks was tasked with creating a web-based and highly dynamic platform for AcadeMedias upper secondary school section. The result was Campus Online.

One platform, endless possibilities

The project started with a pilot at the NTI upper secondary school in Nacka just outside of Stockholm. This was a hard-coded solution, only containing the functionality needed to validate and test the concept.

Since then the platform has matured into what is now Campus Online, a dynamic web platform connected to a growing network of schools. Students can keep track of due assignments, check their schedule and visit Google Classroom. Teachers get access to a different view where they can easily set deadlines, register absentees, create tests and share webinars.

The project was partially developed in sprints. The platform evolved from a set of specified needs, adding necessary bits and pieces after standups between Bombayworks and AcadeMedia. Bombayworks’ analysts, developers, testers and designers were involved in creating a user-friendly platform for the sake of future learning.

A focus on accessibility

User-friendliness has been given top priority throughout this project.

– We managed to pull off a platform that covers the everyday needs of both teachers and students, says Caroline Schouenborg, Project Manager at Bombayworks.

Following the success of Campus Online AcadeMedia and Bombayworks have started digitalising other tools relevant to the field of adult education.

– ”Snacka med SYV” is a tool that lets students get in contact with student counsellors via video or telephone. Implementing such a service into Campus Online would harmonise well with the platform’s current system setup, says Caroline Schouenborg.

Digital all the way

Connecting a new school to the platform is as easy as Bombayworks simply adding additional users to a list in the system. Content is then updated to fit the needs of the newcomer. Collecting all this information in a multi-facetted and complex system whilst keeping a high level of flow and usability has been a challenge. One that we excelled at.
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