Brand Evolution and Digital Strategy in Swedish Brewing

Association Sveriges Oberoende Småbryggerier (FSOS's), established in 2008 by twelve innovative breweries, represents a powerful voice in the Swedish microbrewery scene. Growing to encompass 80+ member breweries, they've enhanced beer culture from Luleå to Smygehuk. We aided their journey by refining their brand identity, launching a user-centric digital hub, and crafting a dynamic communication strategy.

Sveriges Oberoende

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Naming strategy

Identity design

A tailored brand strategy

Together with Oberoende Svenska Småbryggerier, we created a brand and communication platform tailored for FSOS. A platform intended to not only serve the association's current needs but also serve as a guiding beacon for its future initiatives. Central to its design is the intention to be both educational and straightforward. That ensures that FSOS' aims are effectively communicated to a broader audience, strengthening its reach and impact within the beer industry. FSOS gained a unified voice and identity.

The new website is the central hub for all activities

A modern and user-friendly website was developed. The website serves as the main hub for all FSOS activities, news and updates. A responsive design ensures accessibility on different devices.

A mix of digital and traditional marketing

A communication strategy was developed with a focus on engaging the association's members and the public. It uses a mix of digital marketing techniques and traditional methods to maximize reach and engagement.

Swedish beer culture is enhanced through uniform communication

The collaboration between FSOS and Bombayworks resulted in a streamlined brand identity and a robust communication platform. It improved the association's visibility and commitment, ensuring their mission to promote and strengthen Swedish beer culture. FSOS can now reach and influence a wider audience.
Mats Johansson

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