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GlobalConnect is a leading player in fiber-based data communication and data centers in Northern Europe. To optimize and further develop their existing platform, Bombayworks has been entrusted to become GlobalConnect's digital partner.

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The GlobalConnect brand is present in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Germany. In 2021, Bombayworks was entrusted with the mission to take the helm and further develop their existing B2B websites on a WordPress platform.


Since the start of our partnership, Bombayworks has been working reactively, managing a backlog of bugs, as well as previously planned new development and optimization. Early in our collaboration, we suggested replacing the front-end framework to achieve a faster website, quicker content management, and simplified handling. We replaced old custom-made plugins with standardized plugins for easier management and implemented a new cookie disclaimer to ensure GDPR compliance. Additionally, we have assisted in analyzing the websites to increase the number of leads generated through the sites.

To better understand GlobalConnect's key target audience, SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses), we conducted an impact goal workshop. Based on the workshop's outcomes, we can update the website's user journey and optimize it according to the users' needs.



A well-functioning and optimized platform with removed bottlenecks. Bombayworks works closely with the marketing teams at GlobalConnect, providing daily support as well as strategic guidance for the development of the website.

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