New content for new city districts

From the district developer Fabege, Bombayworks has been commissioned to further develop the company's existing website. After initial bug fixes, we have concentrated on a transformation of the content regarding both design, message and functionality.


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New functionality for new content

When Bombayworks received the assignment, the focus was on fixing existing bugs on the company's website. Once this was done, the focus shifted to the content of the site. In parallel with developing a new graphic profile, one of our copywriters worked with new content for the site's district pages about Flemingsberg and Haga Norra. We interviewed architects and urban planners and wrote new texts for the district pages. In connection with the content updates, our development team implemented the new graphic profile together with a new start page as well as several new modules with extended functionality. With the help of analysis before and after the updates, we optimise the site going forward.

Performance up a gear

The result was an updated and analysed site that, with new content, new functionality and a new design, performs at a completely different level than when we started working with the site. With successful cooperation, we have also been trusted to work for Birger Bostad, a subsidiary of Fabege.

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