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Buying tires is a purchase when the customer needs a lot of support from the seller. For the retailer, it is an important transaction but also time-consuming.

For Däckspecialen, we therefore created a digital service for the purchase of tires, rims, and other tire services. Over time, the service has been optimised to meet customer expectations and behaviours.

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A solution for two domains and two brands

In 2020, initially, two platforms with a shared codebase were developed. One was closely linked to Toyota Göteborg's site, following Toyota's graphic profile. The other, dackspecialen.com, is a solution where the domain and brand have no direct connection to Toyota. What the solutions have in common, aside from the CMS Wordpress, are all API connections. The latter solution is for all car owners regardless of the car brand. It is quick to find information about tires that fit the user's car, and once products are selected, it is easy to book a time for installation/change. Payment is made at the workshop.


Improved service through SEO and UX strategy

The service has been continuously evaluated to match the market and competition. In 2023, an update to the service was initiated through an SEO strategy. It began with a current state and competitor analysis, enabling the identification of relevant keywords. New flows were developed based on insights to optimise the customer journey and improve search results among search engines. New content was created based on the keyword analysis. Then, the design was updated and implemented with new features to create a sharper UX journey. A measurement plan with KPIs was developed with the customer to enable future monitoring.

A more profitable and smoother business

Thanks to dackspecialen.com, our customer has been able to relieve their staff during peak seasons and reduce the risk of losing customers when demand is at its highest. The business has also become more profitable. With the optimisation in 2023, organic visibility increased by 177%, the customer journey improved, services expanded, and information about new EU legislation on tires was implemented.

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