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An ageing payment function, a need for a softened tonality, and a booking function with many interrupted sessions led Besikta to Bombayworks.


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Optimizely CMS

An optimized flow

Why didn't the booking sessions complete? The answer is rarely given - but analysis provides answers. Bombayworks' work started with a user analysis in which we could see where and why users did not complete their sessions. With the answers, we were able to optimise the flow, create the conditions for more completed sessions and sell more additional products with the help of a UX-thought-out design. In addition, for a smoother payment for the customer, we implemented Klarna's payment solution.

Often several suppliers are included in the scope. This time we collaborated with a third party that developed the customer's CRM and the API that stands for the logic in the booking flow.

Increased conversion

The project has led to an increased conversion in the booking flow. Our collaboration with Besikta has continued, and we have, among other things, created an e-commerce solution for the sale of environmental stickers. To ensure that our solution continues to deliver the desired results, we continuously work with web analytics.

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