She takes over as the new CEO at Bombayworks

Veronica von Feilitzen is the new CEO of Bombayworks. Fate led her to the company. The corporate culture made her stay - and grow.

Veronica was a production manager at a major web agency in Stockholm when she was asked in 2016 if she wanted to come for an interview at Bombayworks. At that time, there were four employees at the Bombayworks Stockholm office. A new project manager was being sought, and somewhat sceptical, she agreed to the interview with the small agency.

– I got a really good first impression, but of course, it was much smaller. I felt secure in a large workplace, and I pondered whether I really should change jobs. But I did it because I was so positively surprised by the people at Bombayworks; what a drive!

Now you're CEO. How did that happen?

– Hopefully, because I've done a good job. I have had the opportunity to grow and develop within the company, and if I hadn't had that opportunity, maybe I wouldn't have stayed either.

As a newly hired project manager, Veronica entered the then-ongoing pitch with Electrolux. Used to working with appliances from her previous job, the conversations with the client went smoothly, and Bombayworks emerged victorious from the pitch. After three years at the company, Veronica became branch manager in Stockholm, and for the past year, she has been vice president.

Niklas Roupé, who has now stepped down as CEO after 17 years, was also one of the founders of Bombayworks.

– As an outgoing CEO, I, of course, do not choose my successor. But the fact that the board chose Veronica in tough competition is, in my eyes, the best choice. Veronica has a wonderfully fine ability to balance a human soft approach with unsentimental business decisions. I have experienced that it makes colleagues respect, understand, and have an easy time following her decisions, says Niklas Roupé.

– Of course, it's big shoes to fill. Niklas has done a fantastic job during these 17 years as CEO and has been a great source of inspiration and mentor for me since I started. I will take with me what I think he has done well. Now it's up to me to manage but also lead the development of Bombayworks forward, says Veronica von Feilitzen.

– Bombayworks will not become completely different because I step in. We have a good offer, a great corporate culture, and competent employees. I believe in what we do. But of course, I have my own thoughts and visions - there is room for improvement in everything and everyone.

What is your leadership style, and how will it be noticeable?

– I think it's important to be present in my leadership, and I want to be accessible. Everyone should be able to come to me and ask any question, I want to be involved. I am encouraging, listen in, coach, and gladly bounce ideas.

The prevailing recession has, just like for everyone else, changed the demand for digital initiatives - especially compared to the period of enthusiasm for digital investment during the pandemic.

– We have always been able to adapt to prevailing demand. When Bombayworks started, the focus was on technical development. Today, we are multi-competent, and the focus has shifted over the years, somewhat depending on the needs of our customers. Right now, we are working a lot with search engine optimization, and our SEO team has, therefore, also grown rapidly in the past year.

Which streets do you prefer in Monopoly - and why?

– When I was younger, I wanted as many houses as possible, but after a while, I realized that it was the most expensive streets you should have because then the others quickly lost. But Yatzy is my favorite!

Veronica von Feilitzen

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