She is the new COO at Bombayworks

Jenny Mossinger has taken on a new position. Since March 1, she has been working as Bombayworks COO.

Jenny Mossinger has been with Bombayworks since 2017, holding various positions and, in recent years, as the Malmö Manager.

– I have worked on many client projects and been involved in process development while being part of the sales team. I have insights into our entire operation and understand the company's values and strategies, says Jenny Mossinger.

– Jenny's dual role, with one foot in each department, will provide a more natural connection between delivery and sales for all our divisions going forward, which I see as a great advantage, says Veronica von Feilitzen, CEO of Bombayworks.

An offering that works in several ways

Well-versed in the company's methods and challenges, Jenny aims to develop the operational processes on how sales and agency departments can collaborate more effectively in the future.

– We already have many good processes in place that I know work, but beyond maintaining what we have, I also want to strengthen our work by further driving operational efficiency. We need to involve the right people for shared success!

What do you see as future challenges?

– We know that digitisation surged during the pandemic, with many establishing solutions facing challenges in delivering sufficient business value.

– Our offering can work in several ways. For example, we know many companies have a technical partner they're satisfied with. We are happy to work alongside them at every stage of the customer journey, both in B2C and B2B, by attracting, engaging, converting, and retaining customers.

– Many face similar challenges, and we excel at identifying these challenges and driving change through strategy and execution. We have received confirmation of this through Årets Byrå, where we lead the industry in business benefits and project management. *

Majority women in the management group

There are six people in Bombayworks' management group, of which Jenny is one. She is one of four women in the group.

– It's certainly gratifying how it turned out. But Bombayworks has long been a gender-equal workplace. We have all worked here for a long time and have been chosen for our positions based on being the best fit, says Jenny Mossinger.

* The report and motivation from Årets Byrå show, among other things, that we lead the industry in business benefits (referring to the collective, perceived, and actual benefits and/or results achieved by the agency) and project management (referring to the agency's ability to lead, drive, and complete projects, as well as the degree to which the client feels informed and involved in the work process).

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