“I love processes”

Michelle Olsen started at Bombayworks as a Project Manager in 2018. Since 2022, she has held the position of Head of Project Management.


What is the best thing about Bombayworks?

– It's our culture. It's open and always possible to express your opinion. It's not very hierarchical, and I really appreciate that. There is also a lot of freedom with responsibility - as colleagues, we trust each other, which allows for even more personal development.

What have you learned since you started here?

– Before I came here in 2018, I hadn't worked with digital projects very much. I've learned that from start to finish. Also, all my technical knowledge has come from my colleagues here. Working here is constantly developing.

Now you're Head of Project Management; how did that happen?

– At my previous job, the work with processes was non-existent, so my curiosity about the processes established at Bombayworks was high when I started here. My curiosity and involvement in developing our processes led me to this role.

What have you done here that you’re most proud of?

– In our working model, the Bombayworks Delivery Method, we developed what we call the pre-study phase. I’m very pleased with this work. It helps us guide new clients correctly in their digital transformation.

What has inspired you recently?

– The work we’ve done for one of our latest clients in the food packaging industry. For me, it has been more strategic, which has been fun and educational. The collaboration between our team and theirs has also worked really well and has been both inspiring and motivating.

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