An AI key to effective multilingual communication

The need for effective multilingual communication is crucial for large international companies. Translation Management Systems (TMS) have long been a cornerstone in managing translations and localization projects, but with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), the development of new functionality is rapidly advancing.

AI-driven TMS systems offer a solution that not only translates content into multiple languages but also learns and adapts to tonality and company-specific terms across various industries. At Bombayworks, our work with implementing and adjusting translation tools for our international clients shows how quickly this development is occurring.

Benefits of AI-Integrated TMS Systems

1. Faster and cheaper translations

Traditional translation processes can be time-consuming and costly. AI technologies, such as machine translation (MT), have significantly improved and can now deliver translations very quickly. This allows companies to launch products and services in new markets faster than ever before.

2. Automatically adaptable

Companies in technical, medical, or other specialized fields often face the challenge of accurately translating complex terms and jargon. AI engines vary in their ability to translate specific areas. A modern TMS analyzes factors such as context, language pairs, and content type to match your text with the most suitable engine among a large number of providers, such as Google, DeepL, and Microsoft.

3. Continuously Improved Quality

One of the most powerful aspects of AI is its ability to learn and improve its performance over time. By processing completed translations, the AI engine fine-tunes itself. Over time, they become increasingly precise and adapted to their context. In this way, AI-driven TMS can also analyze and understand the company's tonality and style. Applying this knowledge to translations ensures that the message remains consistent and appropriate for its context and audience.

Fine-tuning and monitoring

For an AI-driven TMS to function optimally, initial monitoring and fine-tuning of tonality and corrections of industry- or company-specific word choices are required. As a full-service agency, Bombayworks has experience in both implementing these tools and fine-tuning texts. Feel free to contact us for a discussion on how an AI-integrated TMS system can help streamline your business.

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