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We've grown exponentially these last couple of years, and with growth comes a greater impact on society and thus an increase in our responsibilities. That’s why we’ve decided to give something back via a carefully selected group of charities that share our values.

Niklas Roupe

We don’t work for, but with our clients. And just like they put their visions in the hands of our digital experts, we know when to consult influential charities in our quest for a better world."

Niklas Roupe, CEO

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Why Cancerfonden?

With every third person getting cancer, most people have experienced the illness first hand. Bombayworks is no exception, with one of our founders passing away much too soon. Our donation is a way of paying respects to those we’ve lost while hopefully improving the lives of others struggling with cancer.
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hand in hand

Why Hand in hand?

We take pride in taking ownership - in projects and in action - as we believe that is how you get the very best results. Hand in Hand is based around the same idea; by providing financial aid and knowledge they help those in need, so that in the end they can help themselves.
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Why Unicef?

When entrepreneur Roger Akelius decided to double the record amount of 70 million SEK donated in December 2017, we got inspired. We’re fostering a digital generation after all, and it’s our wish that children everywhere can take part in the evolution of a digital society. We have a fair amount of parents working here at Bombayworks.
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hello world

Why Hello world?

We dream of a diverse digital future and equality for all. By supporting a young girl with an interest in programming via Hello World, we believe we can help build digital competence from the ground up, letting everyone - even those less fortunate - take part in the evolution of digital. Who knows, perhaps we’ll join forces some day.
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Soon to reach
one million SEK

Nearly 1 million SEK donated to charity and counting! We're proud of our ongoing commitment to giving back and will continue to make a positive impact. Stay tuned!

We want to
do more

There are many charitable causes out there, and we believe that we could do a lot more. If you have an idea, or run a charity that could make the world better, then we're ready to listen.

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We create opportunities for change in Chitarkoli

The vision for Hand in Hand Sweden is a world where every individual has the strength, motivation and opportunity to get out of poverty and where future generations can develop their societies towards a sustainable future. Through its collaboration with Hand in Hand, Bombayworks has ensured that over a period of 27 months, over 150 entrepreneurs have been trained in self-help groups. This in turn contributes directly to greatly improved future prospects for the entire Chitarkoli community in India in several respects. In addition to establishing new businesses, over 100 job opportunities have been created.

As a result, individual and collective self-esteem has been boosted, leading to significantly improved communication with local authorities, councils, buyers and customers. Ultimately, this has strengthened civil rights. Since most entrepreneurs are women, gender equality in Chitarkoli has also taken huge strides.

Improved health and well-being - Hand in Hand and Bombayworks invest in the welfare of Chitarkoli.

As small businesses flourish and incomes increase, improved public health becomes a natural consequence for the local community. This is crucial in Chitarkoli, where residents have a long way to go to the nearest health centre. Therefore, Hand in Hand has established a health centre where over 150 residents have been treated for various ailments, and around fifty malnourished children have received help. Better health and hygiene are usually the immediate and long-term effects of these efforts.

Hand in Hand ensures that businesses maintain a green profile with increasing environmental ambitions. Operations in Chitarkoli are no exception. Waste management is central, as is ensuring that the nearest water bodies are not contaminated. Regular efforts are made to clean these bodies of water from plastics and debris.

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